This project’s portfolio presents an in-depth reflection on the aims, strengths, weaknesses and outcomes of some TMF supported initiatives, particularly focusing on advocacy works and grassroots initiatives promoting social inclusion and solidarity. We hope that these experiences inspire more student movements around Europe to take action.

The publication lists ten tips for successful communication with international students in the form of: 1. Listening; 2. Limiting the use of acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, colloquialisms and idioms; 3. Handling possible cultural difference indicators; 4. Checking for understanding; 5. Navigating bureaucracy; 6. Helping to understand customs; 7. Learning names; 8. Being curious; 9. Not generalising; 10. Enjoying the rich experiences international students offer.

The project outputs consist of: 1. Videos presenting strong women in science and art.; 2. Portraits presenting specific profiles of specialists in art and science in Flanders.; 3. Profit for life – Plan your future 2.0 an online brochure detailing: – An update of the information, organizations and useful links about higher studies in Flanders, young people, education and training.

  • A new section, “STEAM” as a signpost for young people interested in those directions, with useful links.
  • An update of some student organizations that focus on young people with a migration background, these organizations have grown strongly in recent years.
  • A new section “gender” about stereotypes and images in education and in STEAM.
  • Useful addresses about equal opportunities, discrimination and anti-racism and about sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual health.
  • A glossary of keywords
  • 10 activity sheets with concrete methods for working with young people about their choice of study.