The project outputs consist of: 1. Videos presenting strong women in science and art.; 2. Portraits presenting specific profiles of specialists in art and science in Flanders.; 3. Profit for life – Plan your future 2.0 an online brochure detailing: – An update of the information, organizations and useful links about higher studies in Flanders, young people, education and training.

  • A new section, “STEAM” as a signpost for young people interested in those directions, with useful links.
  • An update of some student organizations that focus on young people with a migration background, these organizations have grown strongly in recent years.
  • A new section “gender” about stereotypes and images in education and in STEAM.
  • Useful addresses about equal opportunities, discrimination and anti-racism and about sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual health.
  • A glossary of keywords
  • 10 activity sheets with concrete methods for working with young people about their choice of study.