The InclusiPHE project has as main objective to contribute to a more inclusive environment at Professional Higher Education Institutions, by creating interventions aimed at increasing non-traditional students’ engagement during their student life.

What is considered a non-traditional student? In the InclusiPHE project context, we understand non-traditional students as students who for economic, social, cultural, origin, physical or psychological reasons did not have or have limited access to higher education compared to other students who are considered traditional (Brunner and Ehlers, 2021).


You will be presented with a set of tools specially developed for the PHE institutions and Student Unions.

1)  To access them you will need to register and log on the system. Please   or go to   for logging in to the system, if you are already registered.

2) Once you complete step 1) you can proceed with any of the following tools you would need to use.

On behalf of the InclusiPHE team, we thank you for taking part in this study! To find out more about the project, check out our website at www.inclusiphe.eu