InclusiPHE Policy Paper – Recommendations for inclusive student engagement in Professional Higher Education

The InclusiPHE consortium has converted project findings into a Policy Paper aimed at promoting inclusive student engagement in the Professional Higher Education (PHE) sector. The Policy paper features core concepts and findings, along with specific recommendations for the PHE sector.

PHE institutions, known for their practical orientation, are attracting non-traditional students (NTS) in increasing numbers. To ensure inclusivity, they must adapt to the diverse needs of their student population, aligning with the “Principles and Guidelines to Strengthen the Social Dimension of Higher Education in the EHEA.”

The InclusiPHE project’s primary objective is to enhance PHE institutions’ policies, culture, and practices to foster inclusive engagement of non-traditional students, emphasising the importance of inclusive environments for all students in teaching, decision-making, and student life. This Policy Paper offers recommendations based on project insights, addressing the needs and capabilities of diverse student bodies and strategies for optimal student engagement, both formally and informally.