Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)

Who are we?

MCAST is the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and is the largest vocational institution in Malta. The Mission Statement clearly emphases the international dimension of the education and training to be provided to all its students. Our mission statement that guides the College and its employees is as follows: “To provide universally accessible vocational and professional education and training with an international dimension, responsive to the needs of the individual and the economy”. The main role of the College is to provide vocational education and training to Maltese young people in order to satisfy the requirements of the local industry.

The College, a unique institution on the Maltese Islands, is made up of 6 Institutes, mainly:
• Institute of Information and Communication Technology,
• Institute of Business Management and Commerce
• Institute of Engineering and Transport
• Institute for the Creative Arts
• Institute of Community Services
• Institute of Applied Sciences (including Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences)

The College teaches Entrepreneurship skills to its students and also runs a business start-up and incubation Centre. Students with business ideas are encouraged to set up show at this Centre and free mentoring and guidance is provided by the College.

MCAST is a self-accrediting institution with programs pegged at the various EQF levels and are assigned a number of ECTS. MCAST offers Vocational Education and Training (VET) full-time or part-time courses ranging from EQF Levels 1 to 7.

Why we are Participating in the Project

The MCAST firmly believes in Inclusion and offers various initiatives and opportunities to support learners with learning difficulties/disabilities, immigrants and persons with social problems to benefit from free and supported VET.

Through the MCAST International Office, students and staff are given the opportunity to engage with institutions across Europe by participating in the various Erasmus+ programmes available. With over 25 active projects, MCAST strives to enrich the students’ learning experience while constantly improve the quality of courses available. Giving importance to student engagement, inclusion and the development of civil responsibility amongst the student body, MCAST celebrates the Erasmus+ programme as a means to achieve a higher quality through the various initiatives undertaken by the International Office.

InclusiPHE provides MCAST another opportunity to collaborate with other European institutions to achieve the common goal of improving Inclusivity for non-traditional students, which will benefit both students and staff at MCAST.

Our Role in the Project

MCAST strategically promotes alternative learning pedagogies and progression routes to make lifelong learning available to all students. With numerous projects for young people in high risk of social exclusion, MCAST is an example of good practice in the involvement of non-traditional students. Thus MCAST will guide partners in collecting cases for identification of good practices of non-traditional students’ engagement.

Our Team

Heathcliff Schembri

Heathcliff Schembri

Senior Lecturer - Early Years & Inclusive Education

Heathcliff Schembri is a Senior Lecturer at MCAST. Previously he held the roles of Head of Department (Curriculum), Primary Support Teacher and Primary Classroom Teacher within the Ministry for Education in Malta. He holds a B.Ed (Hons) in Primary Education and an M.A from the University of Malta. He is currently reading for a PhD in Education at the University of East Anglia focusing on the relationship between system-wide change, curriculum and policy in schools in Malta.