InclusiPHE Webinars (all in English):

1. The role of students’ unions in improving the inclusion of non-traditional students in the Professional Higher Education (March 2023).

2. How does inclusive student engagement contribute to enhancing the quality of education & the Professional Higher Education Institution (March 2023)

3. Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Student Engagement: Enriching Higher Education (June 2023)

InclusiPHE Podcasts:

1. Studying in Shutdown: Introduction to inclusive student engagement with focus on the Covid Pandemic (June 2021) – In German

2. When studying does not work: “Studium im Shutdown” from a counsellor’s point of view (June 2021) – German

3. Explanation of the InclusiPHE institutional self-assessment model for enhancing non-traditional student participation and engagement in higher education institutions (April 2023).

4. Embracing inclusive engagement of non-traditional students in Professional Higher Education within post-colonial small island states. Reflections, challenges and potential way forward on the role of the non-traditional student in PHE within small island states such as Malta (May 2023) – English

5. Student participation 2.0 project: towards a more inclusive & democratic student engagement (April 2023) – Dutch

Other resource:

InclusiPHE inclusive student engagement poster